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The Benefits of Handheld 3D Scanners

The benefits of 3D scanning has spanned a lot of industries. 3D scanners can be used in the fields of engineering, development, testing, manufacturing, analysis, quality assurance, and more. 3D scanners are beneficial in all stages of the manufacturing process. Here are some benefits of using handheld 3D scanners.

When designing products, time is everything. When designers design other aspects to fit into existing products they need time. integrating new designs into the requirements of manufactured parts and built onto the pre-existing design is possible with 3D scanners.

Products made of expensive materials waste time and money when they have to be altered. With 3D scanners, every dimension increase in accuracy and so the first time around, all parts of the product fit together.

You don’t only use 3D scanning as an innovative way of creating new products. They can also be used to digitize artifacts in a quick and accurate way. Scanning art and historical artifacts can provide data for reverse engineering. There is a preservation of the accuracy of each item with 3D scanning.

In the absence of CAD, 3D scanning can analyze the details of a model and recreate it into a digital polygon mesh. When the 3D scanning is completed, designers and engineers will be able to come up with an accurate CAD model using 3D software.

When designers have an idea but are difficult to visualize, he makes use of clay to remake the imagined design. The complete data of an object can be captured with 3D scanning and then an illustrative computer software and render the object. Much time and money is saved when designers are able to visualize their design before manufacturing it.

Quality control is a very important process in any industry. 3D scanners are now widely used in quality control. 3D scanners help enable quality control to make a quick inspection of any products without even touching it. If there are any issues in quality, they are able to detect it. There is a reduction in the overall production costs with the use of 3D scanners because quality control inspections become faster.

As technology progresses, manufacturing methods often become outdated. There is a need to update outdated methods which designer and engineers have to acknowledge thanks to 3D scanners. Using 3D scanner technology, designers in all industries benefit from modern manufacturing techniques that did not exist before when their product’s original components were first created.

If you are in any industry, then there are many ways by which using 3D scanners can benefit you much. if you want to take advantage of technological advancement in science, then purchasing a 3D scanner will work wonders for your company. You will have faster production rate with 3D scanners saving you a lot of time, money, and effort.

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